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Drs. Holcomb And Associates

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Opticians Association Of Georgia

Ellie's Angels WebPage

Ellie's Angels

The Following web page,, is no longer being maintained but is still there to check out.

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 Do you need some computer help? Is it dragging so slow you could write faster? Has someone put things on your computer you don't know how to fix? Click Here for Help!

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We can help you with your computer problems


Katie, Tori and Their Uncle Frank

(Check out some of our computer builds below.)

Here Is The Latest Video Of The Wall PC As of 06/23/2009


Read Why Computers Some times Crash! by Dr. Seuss. Click HERE

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Most Repairs Only $50.00

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Now you can see our latest Videos Uploaded on You Tube!

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Dr. Holcomb And Associates


Photos From The  Marietta Air Show

Here are a couple of Computers We had published in PC Magazine.

The Blue Ghost

We call this the E&J Clear Computer, or Blue Ghost. Click the Picture to go to its page.

The Erector PC

This is the Erector Pc. See Why? More on this later.

You can click HERE and see it completed!

Here is the latest computer we're working on...

The License Plate PC...See Why?

This is the Short Picture Story Of It Being Built.

The Completed Box    

Click On The Picture to See A Larger Image


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